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Helping You Find Your Way to Increased Menu Consistency and Profitability

A good recipe for home cooking doesn't always work out when you attempt to replicate it in the restaurant. Startup restaurateurs find out quickly that a recipe intended to yield four, six or even 10 servings might not be practical when feeding dozens or even hundreds of guests -- every day.

We've said it once; we'll say it again: Success in the restaurant business is often measured in pennies. Toss in an inaccurate order here, a dash of wasted product there, and mix in a bit of inefficient labor use, and you've got a recipe for slim margins. And while your friends and family never minded waiting an extra half-hour or so for your famous meatballs, your restaurant guests will not be so forgiving to slow service and inconsistency. For good recipes to become great menu items, you must learn to make them pleasing to both your guests and your accountant. You must break them down into stages that assist purchasing and inventory control, organize prepping, reduce production time, and maximize yield. Then you must build them up to serve dozens of covers. We call it RecipeMapping® -- a three-step process that allows you to add new items to the menu consistently, methodically and profitably. We hope it helps "map out" your strategy for adding items to your menu, as well as help you put your startup "on the map."

Sample: Recipe Mapping - February 2012
Sample: Recipe Mapping - February 2012 This month's featured menu items were provided by the staff of Central Coast Food & Beverage, a foodservice consulting firm based in Capitola, California, just outside Santa Cruz on the Monterey Bay. Tom Bruce, founding chef and owner of Central Coast Food & Beverage, created the recipe mapping for these dishes. . . . keep reading


"I wanted to take time from my busy schedule to thank you. I recently signed up for your site [] and I'm finding it to be the most complete, BEST restaurant resource I have ever discovered. Wow! What a great tool. I wish I had discovered this 8 years ago. At the age of 23, I ventured into the restaurant business. I was able to grow my business to 3 restaurants. Despite a degree in Quantitative Economics, I still found your financial seminars informative and educational. I was excited to learn new elements that all my years of education never taught me. The combination of depth and simplicity are what make it really fantastic. I'm now making it a requirement for my managers to watch them."

Steve Weissmann - Sandpiper Restaurant - Bodega Bay, CA

"Your website and magazine have been extremely helpful to our growing business. We are just about finished with the construction of our new location. I have learned so much from your articles, the online seminars, the discussion forum and the spreadsheets are an invaluable asset. I continue to learn something new every day."

Belinda Self - Ginza Japanese Restaurants, Inc. - Winston Salem, NC

"You are giving me a great education. I can't soak it up fast enough. The articles, templates and especially the online training are heading me in the right direction to having a great business."

Martin Hardy - City Bagel Café - Siloam Springs, Arkansas

"I am now in my second year of being a member. My only regret being that I did not find you in my prior 8 years as I would have saved a lot of money and grey hairs from your tips and formats. Thank you for indirectly saving my restaurant & for the growth I now see."

Marc Cedron - Printer's Alley Bar & Grill - Memphis, TN

"Your web-site and magazine have helped our independent restaurant grow from 1 restaurant with revenue of $350,000 to 3 restaurants bringing in $3.5 million in only 4 years."

Donald Spahr - Spahr's Seafood - Thibodaux, LA

"So far, we’ve revised our accounting system and introduced the prime cost concept. My prime costs are dropping because of focusing on both inventory and labor together. This will improve my contribution margin by $120,000!"

Brian Fitzgerald - Paddy's Brewpub & Rosie's Restaurant - Kentville, Nova Scotia