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Healthy options may bring diners back to restaurants, Mintel finds.
Healthy options may bring diners back to restaurants, Mintel finds. According to a recent Mintel foodservice report, 80% of family restaurant-goers who are eating out less in general are doing so because of financial reasons. While the restaurant industry as a whole spent 2011 in a recessionary slump, the family midscale segment has been the most negatively impacted and the next few years aren't expected to show an upward swing. . . . keep reading
OpenTable going strong.
OpenTable, a provider of free, online reservations for diners and guest management systems for restaurants, announced record marks as of late, with revenues up 37 percent to $22.5 million and more tha . . . keep reading
Facebook deals program promotes restaurants.
Facebook Inc. unveiled its newest feature, Deals, which will deliver promotions from more than 20 companies and organizations, including McDonald's and Chipotle, to potential customers when they are n . . . keep reading
Chefs can cook lower-calorie meals, study says.
Chefs and restaurants can help with the growing obesity epidemic -- by producing more low-calorie meals, according to a research from Penn State University. The study, which surveyed chefs, restau . . . keep reading
Service charge labels on prix fixe menus debated.
When using prix fixe menus, rolling high service charges into a single menu price may help offset consumer backlash against those perceived "hidden" charges, according to a new study from the Cornell . . . keep reading
Food Trends Apparent Through Certain New Concepts
In big cities nationwide, some restaurant trends have been popping up. Here's our list of the top trends in the food industry as of late. . . . keep reading
Consumers Look for Take-Out, Retail Options at Restaurants
September 2010) Specific food cravings and a desire for a fun drive consumers to restaurants rather than the local supermarket when contemplating dinners not cooked at home, according to the NPD Grou . . . keep reading
Consumers Using Social Media Skews Younger, Equal Among Genders
(September 2010) A study from M/A/R/C Research surveying more than 10,000 U.S. consumers who had dined at one or more quick-serve restaurants during the past month (including burgers, chicken, Mexic . . . keep reading
RESTAURANT TRENDS -- More Consumers Dining Out, Research Says
More consumers are dining out these days, and want to increase their meals away from home, according to results from a study conducted by Market Force Information. The research firm reported that . . . keep reading
RESTAURANT TRENDS -- ACSI report shows customer satisfaction with restaurants on the rise.
The restaurant and travel industries showed the most improvement in a survey of five different industries by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, an indicator that the economy may finally be comi . . . keep reading
Sandwiches and burgers prove resilient among industry segments. (July 2010)
Sandwiches and burgers were the only broad food category to post growth at both quick-service restaurants and full-service restaurants last year, according to The NPD Group. In a year when restaurant . . . keep reading
Restaurants scale back on deals. (July 2010)
Many restaurants have offered a slew of deals, discounts and coupons over the past two years to entice recession-ridden consumers to visit. But with signs of a recovering economy, they may need to sta . . . keep reading
Family-style eateries continue upward growth. (July 2010)
Family-style restaurants are well-positioned in this economy, offering reasonable prices, diversity in menu items and day part service, and a family-friendly atmosphere, according to research firm Tec . . . keep reading